Mindfulness-Based Somatic Emotional Processing

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What is Mindfulness-Based Somatic Emotional Processing?

Mindfulness-Based Somatic Emotional Processing (MSBEP):
Felt-Sense Attention in Emotional Healing

A Mindful, Body-Centered Approach

MBSEP is a mindful, body-centered approach to activating intrinsic emotional processing in the body and brain, conceived of by Dr. Robert Weisz, PhD. The processing is activated and maintained by the client’s and the therapist’s mindful, Felt Sense Attention upon the client’s somatic experience. The client’s emotional processing is enabled, focused, and supported through the attuned relational connection between the therapist and the client. A focus on tender, compassionate awareness creates a special quality of attention which helps to activate the healing process. MBSEP is a practical, useful method for initiating and promoting essential emotional processing. It can easily be incorporated into any therapeutic modality.


MBSEP accesses the brain and nervous system’s intrinsic capacity to process emotional experience and memory by focusing and stimulating the brain’s right-hemisphere functions. The right hemisphere is where body awareness, attunement, affective experience, implicit emotional memory, and nonverbal communication are processed. The right hemisphere is where emotional healing must begin.


Once trained in MBSEP, the therapist’s skillful, attuned support makes it possible for deep, non-cognitive emotional processing to occur, while minimizing interference from mental evaluation and judgment. The emotional processing is being supported within the “emotional brain” instead of the “thinking brain.” The focus of the “witnessing brain” upon the body’s sensory experience energizes and drives the emotional processing to move forward.

An Important Tool For Therapists

MBSEP can easily and gracefully be incorporated into the flow of any therapeutic modality or approach. MBSEP is an excellent, seamless tool for shifting the therapeutic interaction from cognitively-based “talk therapy” towards somatically-based emotional processing. MBSEP makes it possible to engage the best of right-hemisphere and left-hemisphere functions into the emotional healing work of therapy and counseling.

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