Substance Abuse Treatment

Empowering the choice to experience wholeness without substances

Substance Abuse and Other Addictions

Addictions can be defined as being driven to continue with the behavior, even though it brings pain and consequences. Recovery brings relief. The Evolution Group approaches substance abuse dependence and addiction from a holistic point of view. We work with you to restore balance and to help you find the path to your freedom.

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Treating Dependency

Dependency is a complex syndrome that combines genetics, stress, time of exposure to addictive activity, and many other factors. Individual’s brains develop the syndrome we call addiction. This can be to alcohol or other drugs (as well as to other compulsive behaviors) at key developmental points in their lives in response to a wide array of factors. By the time they come for treatment, these behaviors are deeply entrenched in their being and must be carefully assessed across the body, mind, and spirit continuum and understood in such a way that each individual’s situation can be successfully addressed. Treatment begins with comprehensive assessment and treatment planning with the input of a multi-disciplinary team including the client, family, referring treatment providers, staff counselors, social workers, acupuncturist, psychiatrist, and clinical supervisors in order to determine the correct level of care and to tailor treatment to the individual.

Relapse Prevention

Once an individual has been able to attain sobriety or recovery from addictions, the serious job of maintaining recovery begins. This is not an easy task since the original pattern of substance abuse takes a long time to change, and in our society gambling, alcohol and other drugs are plentiful and use is widespread around us. Relapse prevention groups meet to reinforce the concepts of recovery and provide a forum for recovering individuals to continue to work on integrity recovery and change. This therapy focuses on past patterns of use and past relapse experiences, as well as identification of warning signs and triggers, and active development of planning and preventive techniques so that the individual has a premeditated strategy for relapse prevention.

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