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Parenting Program

Our parenting program teaches effective parenting skills geared toward the developmental level of the individual child. These skills are taught in a group setting over a series of 18 sessions.

Whether the parent seeking this training is new at parenting or not so new but realizing a little coaching couldn’t hurt, this class is very helpful. It is also good for the parent that is getting on his or her kids too much.

Drawing from the Love and Logic philosophy as well as the S.T.E.P. Curriculum, parenting classes occur with other parents who are struggling with the same issues. This makes for a very supportive and helpful environment.

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Teens & Their Issues

Role Identity VS Role Confusion

During adolescent stages, individuals are going through many changes. Some of these changes can be challenging as the experience can imprint “trauma” in the body. Individuals going through this can struggle with self-identity, peer pressure, and struggle for independence. These struggles can affect not only the adolescent, but their family and social interactions as well.

The Evolution Group offers opportunities for adolescents and their families to learn how to interact with each other effectively and assertively. There are opportunities for learning what to expect during the adolescent stages of development and how to manage these transitions.

L.O.L. – Living Out Loud is group offered by The Evolution Group for adolescents who would like to learn more about self-identity, peer pressure, gaining independency, coping skills, and support. Individual and family treatment is also available for guidance through this development stage.

Couples Counseling

The hallmarks of a healthy relationship is well-researched to have three main characteristics:

  1. An unconditionally loving friendship
  2. Emotional safety and loyalty
  3. Chemistry

Couples Counseling with a therapist who gets it often is just what is needed either before marriage or before moving in together as a skill-building and relationship enhancement experience.
Couples counseling is also proven to be very helpful in resolving relationship conflicts such as sexual problems, financial conflict, disagreements over parenting issues, or communication problems among other issues that arise in relationships.

In a couple’s situation where loss of trust has occurred due to infidelity or where jealousy exists, our staff is skilled at establishing a safe context where issues can be heard, dealt with, and ultimately resolved.
Therapists at the Evolution Group, Inc. move quickly to reduce resentments in a couple’s relationship and then focus and problem solve so that the couple may experience closeness again.

LGBTQI Services

The Evolution Group offers specialized LGBTQI affirmative counseling services. Knowing that life is more than a singular identity, we offer counseling services directed by counselors with specialized training and professional development in LGBTQI-affirmative services. Clients are offered specialized groups that address the needs of the LGBTQI community, as well as individuals, couples, and family services that attend to the nuances of this multicultural community.

Our clinicians have close connections to community-based resources, and the highest level of ethical care, ensuring confidentiality and affirmation as the cornerstone of treatment.

Corinne’s Story

The night that everything blew up, my mom finally saw the finances and where they were going. I looked at my dad differently… he was just another person who was making mistakes and had feelings too.

Since that day, the fear totally went away.  I realized I had nothing to be scared of because we were able to rebuild. Since then we’ve gotten a lot closer, now he’s the only person in my family that I can tell anything to.

I think that’s definitely aided from this group at TEG. The community helped him get to where he was able to talk and I found a new relationship with him.

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