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Daniel Blackwood

Founder & Chief Lantern Holder

The potential for growth and healing that happens in therapy with my clients is what makes me passionate about this work and is nothing short of sacred to me. My work with clients is grounded in safety and ethics.

As a therapist I am like the lantern holder, lighting the way so that my clients see the answers that lies inside of themselves. The light and space that I hold helps to empower my client – to listen and hear and see, what they need to have heard and to see what has always been there all this time. Often, what they need to see or hear inside is blocked by their own self-criticism or judgment, by the noise in their own ears, by emotional pain, or by the lens they are looking through. We work together to undo these blocks, be they habitual thoughts, compulsions, traumatic memories, or old patterns.

Through the warm and respectful bond that exists between us, my clients come to have clarity about how they feel. They begin to make new choices for themselves. They feel better, have more flow in their lives, and learn to choose and act with more mindful intention.

My clients learn that they are deep, mysterious, and wonderfully unique. I find that down deep my clients are whole and the point of therapy is to empower this wholeness that lies within them.
My mission is to light the way.

Program Directors


Empowering the wholeness that already lies within.